Hi, I'm DJ Prophecy

After DJing professionally for 15 years I started doing marketing for local businesses. These experiences gave me a better understanding of the relationship between a venue and an artist. SuperFun is intended to operate with complete transparency in a manner that is profitable for all parties (pun intended).

  • Artists

    Jump Into the Light offers a rare experience for artists to use the latest in virtual reality technology to create super futuristic interactive visual projects.

    The Skinny lounge regularly supports local artists featuring over 50 pieces for sale at all times.

    It is the goal of SuperFun to create an atmosphere where artists of all types can be appreciated as well as financially rewarded.

  • DJs and VJs 

    The backbone of our events is a rotating schedule of DJs and VJs. With the capacity to host as many as 12 DJs in a night we will create environments where customers of all types can feel comfortable.

    Resident DJs are always on deck but we support an open-door policy. If you are a DJ and want to perform live, then SuperFun would love to give you that opportunity.

  • Promoters

    No party is complete without a strong team of promoters. We want to work with established and upcoming local promoters. As well we offer incentives and tools to help sell tickets.

    If promoting is something you are interested or you notice that you are often the life of the party and you want to earn extra money participating in events then our Collective was built for you.

  • Musicians

    Although we regularly have DJs, it is our goal to curate musical talent of all types included but not limited to hip-hop acts, jazz musicians, performance artists and bands.

    As a musician myself I understand how frustrating it is to find an audience. Musicians of all types and skill levels are invited to perform at SuperFun.

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